What is the situation with the protection of personal data in your organization?

In the digital age the issue gradually gains importance.
Mishandling or unlawful disclosure of personal data may entail several legal problems.

Our purpose is your peace of mind – so you can concentrate on your main activity without having to worry about the legal regulations and complicated situations it may produce.

Our extensive experience has inspired trust in several Estonian organizations and companies, incl PAF.com, Imago.ee and SA Eesti Kontsert.

Our services comprise two steps, figuratively speaking: the first step is to build the rails – we conduct an audit and arrange all the necessary documents. That is a one-time activity which is necessary to achieve compliance with the GDPR.

The second step is the train that uses the rails. That is the contract-based services of a Data Protection Officer. We take care of your customer relations and personal data management.

We help you to protect your greatest asset – the personal data of your employees and customers.
We protect your business


In order to become and remain compliant with the requirements of the GDPR, it is reasonable to start with an audit of personal data.

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If your company does not find a person suitable for the post,
we can provide you a contract with a DPO.

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